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Have a small business /member organization that needs to Build Brand; or a school group /team that wants to promote spirit and camaraderie?

Design your own custom T-shirts and apparel using our vast (and Free) clip-art library, our Premium-copyrighted Licensed CorelDRAW & Adobe Illustrator /Photoshop Designs, your personally-imported photos /illustratons; OR, even your own freestyle creation (made possible with our online InkPower Designer TM software).

We have strategically invested in USPixel digital inkjet printers and pigmented ink systems, engineered specifically to produce the Full Color Spectrum (CMYK) on our inventoried shirts (made with a world-class variety of high-quality textiles). Your personalized T-shirts, sweatshirts, layered pullovers and midriffs can be so unique and memorable as to become collectibles for you and your entire team.


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Give us a try today! -- You will be surprised at how easy (and AFFORDABLE) it is to develop your own lasting Brand identity and to share your organizational vision with your entire team and your marketplace.


                                                To Learn More about ' T-shirt Branding ', please select a LINK below 





A huge selection of Advertising Specialty Items (several thousands of unique items) from hundreds of vendors are available from our 24/7 Promo Hotline.  We are staffed with industry professionals who have over 80 years of experience with custom SMB-branding of promotional items.  This marketplace is a work-in-progress that will be online May 1, 2013.


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Can you think of a better souvenir from your family outting to the big AirShow with your children and spouse?  You can collect Special Edition AirShow T-Shirts year after year as keepsakes for generations to come.




Celebrate homecoming to graduation (and everything in between), with personalized inkSIG T-shirts, sweatshirts and unique garment statements.

Team, School, Fraternity / Sorority Discounts ! 

You can even start your own online inkSIG T-shop™ as a fundraising project and we will provide fulfillment and drop ship services on your behalf. If you have a creative / entrepreneurial bent, you too can become a ‘T-shirt Mogul’ in your spare time.

Call us to set up your Web Store - it only takes a few minutes.


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Whether you want to use our online clipart, or produce your T-shirt using Corel or Adobe Illustrations which we have licensed from select inkSIG Affiliates, your personalized T-shirt will send just the right message at a price you can afford. 

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 Welcome to Artists of Viet Nam -- Beautiful Vietnamese Art created by Atists living in Viet Nam 



The average number of air shows each year in U.S. and Canada: 325-350.

North American airshows, alone, entertain more than 10 - 12 Million spectators each year. Often, you can get up close and personal with most of the high-perfmance athletes who train continuously, year round, to drive these awesome monster machines. You can buy the Sport Aviation T-shirt that suits you best and then 'stalk' your favorite pilot until he or she signs your inkSIG Collector's T  ---  for the next generatioin...  




You are the Yin to his Yang, you are soul mates, you are a couple and you can now present yourselves as a matched set !


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Send us a photo of your pet or pets and we can create an original illustration, OR, if you want to send us a close-up digital head shot, we can create a  Big-Head Color-Matched T-Shirt TM  to communicate a unique statement about your pet. 


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Fine Art reproduction rights and digital masters from around the world – licensed for reproduction by inkSIG. On canvas w/stretcher, can look as good as the original at a fraction of the cost; OR, just order your favorite image on a Black T-shirt with near perfect tonal reproduction. 


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Classic PinUps became popular 80 years ago. Today, many of those classic images are available for vintage-styled reproductions – or you can create your own original on your favorite styled T-shirt.


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So many great quotations, so little time to wear them all, but with our affordable inkSIG T-shirt reproductions, you can certainly try!


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Aliens are Real, it is the Government that does not exist. Share your most interesting ideas and freak out your in-laws…


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Absolutely amazing nutrients and homeopathic therapies available from a wide variety of ‘shrooms’. Learn how fungi /mushrooms can supplement, and even enhance, your well being.

A succinct 'Mushroom Primer' is available in Word document format if you want to give us a call at (612) 605-5244. These crib notes were created from an interview by John B Wells of CoastToCoastAM radio with his guest John Stamets. The commentary is rivetting.  

  • Do you believe the world is poised for another influenza pandemic which could significantly reduce global overpopulation? -- then you will want to review these notes to learn how Agaracon mushrooms may hold the key to an effective response for your family. 
  • Do you know someone who is trying to hold  breast or colon cancer at bay? -- Turkey Tail mushrooms.
  • Do you know someone with diabetic-induced neuropathy or early signs of Alzheimers? - Lion's Mane mushrooms may help reduce Amaloyd Plaque on nerve sheathing, in order to increase nerve communications.

These are just a few of the topics covered by Paul Stamets in his grounbreaking books.

Learn more about the 17-Species Blend, "My Community", a functional food that helps your body build the immune system.  Study the research information on Turkey Tail, Lion's Mane and Agaracon mushroms -- you will be amazed at the potential health and regenerative benefits of these organic foods.

A few minutes of self-study on your part may lead to an extended lifetime of healthy living. Mushrooms can be thought of as "miniature pharmaceutical factories offering a whole slew of compounds, many of which enhnace nature's Human Immune System performance"


Mushrooms have been around longer than DIRT. In fact, it is the mycillium networks, the root system of mushrooms, that have terraformed the earth to break down rock and turn it into topsoil in the old growth forests of the world. Join Mushroom Geek to learn amazing new information.


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Specialized Cluster Survival gear. T-shirts with safety, communications and first aide information – or just plain funny messaging. Specialized gear for the prepared – you can be a 'Prepper' Too!        

“Just because you are paranoid, that does not mean they are not after you.” 



 SCS Security          

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Need a digital image of yourself, but don’t like your receding hairline, age spots or your eyes, ears & nose? – Forget Cosmetic Surgery – just have us create an InkPeople Avatar to make you pretty enough for (digital) replication.

For non-digital reproduction, you are on your own…


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Make your message come to life with over 16 Million colors and USPixel pigmented long life inks for extended washability (cool water with Woolite preferred).

Our USPixel InkPower Designer™ software can turn you into a regular T-shirt da Vinci.


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Thunderbirds, Big Foot, Giants – Do You Believe in the unexplained, just like millions of others ? Join us in sharing some really strange encounters.

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Call us for special prices on Illustrations for March Madness Tees!   Grab your design concept and call us -- we will design your custom Sports Tees for FREE - during March and April, 2013.


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If you can read this shirt... 

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Who you gonna' call ?  Paranormal Tshirt can custom source special cuts and unique materials as we creat some very clever garments for your next social event.  Who you gonna' call ?  (612) 605-5244 for Paranormal Tshirt...


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Escape day-to-day stresses from textdrama, trafficdrama, kiddrama --  and just head out to nature.  Grab your rifle or your rod and take time to smell the campfire. You will come back refreshed and ready to tackle that big opportunity.


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 Hearth, home, family -- and a good dog...


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White sillouette stick figures, for the rear window of your vehichle, depict the way your family rolls...  Upgrades available to multi-colored life. 


1DollarFamilyStickers Click Here

 Lighter, Faster, Better - MotorHeads have More Fun...  


 MotorHeadTees Chain Android  

   Coming Soon - Free site for creating display-ready quotable T-shirt Graphics for  


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Classic cars and street rods now have a place to gather, think of it as a 'virtual hang-out' kind of like small town America's sonic drive-in back in the day... 






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This is the equivalent of saying "deeds, and not words, are what count most.” 

                                                                                                                              ― Napoleon HillThink and Grow Rich


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